About Difference Engines

What this blog is about

Difference Engines considers and critiques the shifting technological landscape from a variety of feminist perspectives. Our concerns are not only with gender, but all manner of differencing, including race, ethnicity, and humanity.

This blog is meant to be a venue for discussing these issues, linking disconnected discussions, and spreading news of interest.

How to contribute

We hope to build an interdisciplinary, multi-faceted corps of authors, provocateurs and discussants. Send us your thought-bombs to well-developed discourse putting artifacts and concepts into focus.

Have something you’d like to post? E-mail Camellia and Lilly and tell them about it.

Who writes for Difference Engines?

We hope many people in the future. We see everyone who posts and comments all as authors. Right now, this is Lilly Irani and Camellia George making some foundations for this community.

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