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man and machine

The image below is the call-for-entries flyer for a gallery show in nearby Costa Mesa:

Man and machine”? Are we to understand that the sexualized cyborg babe qualifies as both the man and the machine? Not human, not even woman; a convenient female assemblage of fetishistic flesh and prosthetics. Love that belt—is that the lock of a chastity belt or the metaphorical ‘lock’ of the always-available female? And it’s not enough to propose a union of art and the graphic novel; apparently it has to be a marriage, with all the conventionalized baggage of that state.

The statement of “Exhibition Intent” continues this line of thought:

“Artists will address the idea of man’s manipulation of biological and mechanical systems and their convergence in an improved and customized physiology: the perfection of the species.

I’ll spare you the rest of the futuristic drivel, but the key question appears towards the end of the intent statement:

“Can we, for example, design the perfect mate?”

I’d say the “answer” to this silly question is right there in the ad…

Full info, including show blurb, at the Grace Lane Gallery website.