Traversing digital boundaries: HASTAC III announced

The Humanities, Arts, and Sciences Advanced Collaboratory (HASTAC) has announced its third conference, themed traversing digital boundaries. It will take place April 19-21 at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champagne.

What kinds of “digital boundaries” do people seem to recognize as consequential?

There’s the whole online/offline thing which privileges one sort of authentic embodiment over another form of interaction. There’s class, which Eszter Hargittai and danah boyd have investigated in MySpace and Facebook. There’s the promise of racial boundaries being rendered inconsequential by the New Yorker’s cartoon “On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog” and Lisa Nakamura’s arguments that racial types are alive, well, and being reproduced on the internet.

This should be an interesting conference.

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  1. Lisa Nakamura says:

    Hello, all! I’m honored to be invited to do things with Difference Engines. And what a great title. Anyway, to fill in a bit more info about this event–HASTAC has never been at UIUC before, and though I’m not exactly sure about the content of the event, I know that I’m giving a paper there on race, World of Warcraft, transnational virtual goods trade, and whether or not gold farming might be considered to be a parody of creative industries (my inclination!)