OMG I missed the singularity?

I’m not sure this magazine means it ironically but the graphic is funny nonetheless.

Via zinc, who posted it in the comments and I had to front page it.

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  1. Lilly says:

    Many years ago, I heard of some left-field project that involved crazy mad AI and language processing. Internet monopolies and surveillance serve the singularity vision very well. (As does big data monitoring for anti-sex trafficking work.) I bet the Kurzweil hire is related. What to do when the people reading the mantastic sci fi also have lots of money to work towards it?

  2. Zinc says:

    Singularity update: apparently, non-ironic futurology will get you hired by Google:

  3. Zinc says:

    Yeah, the transhuman crowd doesn’t do irony.
    I attended the Transhumanism conference at Irvine in Dec 2009 – the highlight of which was meeting the delightful R. U. Sirius (now there’s some irony, in that great moniker, and in his fun-filled career, some of which is referenced in Fred Turner’s Counterculture to Cyberculture). Many books to be written here. I recently met Abou from CUNY working on a dissertation project that dissects various technological utopian histories – and he has a section on WTA, world transhumanist association. Greg Benford runs a related group, I believe. (he’s a physics prof at UCI – speaking this Friday at the Philip K Dick event)