Interdisciplinarity is hard! But you know what? Feminists have learned that it is crucial to work where the seams and borders get made.

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  1. This comic fits me perfectly! So true!

  2. Zelda says:

    This really made me laugh. It’s a description of my entire life.
    I call myself an artist-writer; but I used to separate those terms and keep two completely different resumes.
    Presently I make stuff that is mostly termed art, but I’m at least as excited by science, history, and literature as I am by art.
    I show my work, as often as not, outside of the art world, in performance venues or on the internet.
    I make other stuff that is writing but that generally falls on the edges or outside of genres.
    I used make my living as a designer; even earlier I worked as a journalist and editor– none of these are fields in which I have any formal training.
    Now I make a living as a professor of digital media although (and because) there’s no real consensus on what that is.
    My early formal training was in traditional media like painting, photography, and printmaking, but I do not have a degree in any of these areas.
    I have one degree in computer art and another in history and literature.
    I work best in my home studio, but my formal studio is at the university where I teach.
    Technically I belong to the very tail end of the baby boom, but my cultural affinity is with Gen X.

    Nowhere, indeed.