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Donna Haraway speaks of multispecies metropolises and living in the age of wickedness

Donna Haraway recently delivered the Wellek Lectures at UC Irvine , an annual series at UC Irvine that brings leading critical theorists to build on their work in the UCI community.

The lectures are available for free online:
* Day 1: “Playing Cat’s Cradle with Companion Species: Speculative Fabulation, String Figures, and a Feminist Multispecies Open” (with introduction by Kavita Philip)
* Day 2: “Love in a Time of Extinctions and Exterminations: Staying with the Trouble” (with introduction by David Theo Goldberg)
* Day 3: Zoopolis: feminist multispecies worlding for old cities yet to come (with introduction by Gabi Schwab)

The talks build on When Species Meet, urging us to respond rather than represent. Haraway calls us academics, makers, breeders, eaters, architects, and undercutters to stay with the troubles thrown up by living in necessarily uninnocent ways, in a world that lives through its messy entanglements of labor, history, intimacy, and power. Enjoy!

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